The Earthbuilt Pioneers

The Earthbuilt® team is driven by a vision and purpose, on a foundation of deep experience in all the areas we need to bring Earthbuilt® to the world. The team leadership includes architectural, engineering, finance and corporate leadership experience at the highest level.


Chief Executive Officer

Golembiewski is an architect with global experience. He is a PhD-qualified scientist also – leading research and innovation in the complexities of neuroscience and health and their relationship to architecture. His passion has long been in environmental modes of architecture, and he has earned several qualifications in earth construction and other low-carbon building methods.

Before Architecture, Golembiewski was a Creative Director in the Advertising Industry, directing creative teams to tackle complex communications challenges including the biggest product launch ever: Microsoft Windows 95.

As an Associate Professor, Golembiewski has mentored industry innovation projects for Google, The Royal Australian Air Force and Aurecon Engineering.

James Mcewen

Chief Technical Officer

McEwen  brings decades of engineering experience,

specialising in fluid power (hydraulics) and compression, two of the most important technological directions of Earthbuilt®.

He is also the CEO of an engineering and fabrication factory (BBE: Batemans Bay Engineering) and has been using these resources to refine the designs, and iterate and prototype Earthbuilt® technologies as they evolve.

McEwen also has significant sales experience in this sector, having graduated from his specialist engineering role to sales and partnerships, working closely with the Australian Defence Force. Other engineers working for BBE were chosen for the skills they bring to Earthbuilt: including specialists in fabrication, materials handling and membrane handling.

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