How It Works

Earthbuilt® uses a unique and rarely considered structural principle – traditionally compressive materials are particulates that are bound by firing, by cement or other chemicals or by glues. Earthbuilt® simply binds particles with an external tensile membrane. Genius.

Earthbuilt® is extruded from a machine that runs along the ground or uses a wall or foundation as a track. As it goes it builds up layers, very much like courses of bricks.

Loose fill goes into the hopper at the top – and it’s wrapped as it’s being extruded. The fill can be various types of earth, like sand, clay and gravel. Or you can up-cycle waste like crushed brick, glass or concrete.

It’s when it’s wrapped that the magic happens. This binds the highly compressed fill in place, so it can’t spill or crush, in a structural system called ‘terre armée’ or in English, reinforced earth.


A short presentation of Our Earthbuilt Technology

Earthbuilt® builds better

“(Earthbuilt will be) similar to unreinforced load bearing masonry construction.“

Peter Standon, CEO,
Partridge Partners Engineers

With 23 years of research on prior art shows Earthbuilt® to be one of the most RESILIENT building materials, showing impressive structural performance even in BUSHFIRES, FLOODS and EARTHQUAKES.

Earthbuilt® mechanically turns waste into walls

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