Purpose & Values

Earthbuilt Technology is a B-Corp, that is founded to be purpose and values driven. The following purpose and values are at the core of our constitution.


The purpose of the company is to deliver returns to shareholders whilst having an overall positive impact on society and the environment, having regard to the Core Values.


The Core Values of the company are:
(a) Our Environmental Mission: To invent, create and promote more sustainable alternatives for construction and associated industries globally;
(b) Environmental Stewardship: To make a responsible effort to minimise the impact of the company’s operations on the environment;
(c) Respect for the Individual: To recognise the dignity and worth of all individuals, and treating each person with fairness, equality, and respect;
(d) Social Responsibility: To Foster positive relationships with the clients, partners, consumers and communities in which we operate, and contributing to the well-being of society generally;
(e) Personal and Organizational Growth: A commitment to personal and organisational growth, including self-improvement, continuous learning, and a focus on well-being for all employees and stakeholders of the company; and
(f) Ethical Conduct: Adhering to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all business dealings.

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