Earthbuilt A Technology for
Our Times.

Holds a hose when the world is burning

Earthbuilt® reverses the ‘green premium’ in construction tech using the circular ecconomy, addressing: Climate change, low-value waste, housing shortages, rising building costs, low productivity, and loss of habitats.

30,050 Billion clay bricks are fired each year, producing in excess of 92% of the world’s stationary black carbon, much of which settles in the Himalayan and Andean glaciers. This causes direct ice melt and contributes directly to disasters such as the 2022 floods in Pakistan. In addition, brick firing produces as much as 40% of the brick’s mass in greenhouse gases. But even the best gas-fired kilns produce 23% of their mass in CO2.

Earthbuilt® Turns waste into high-value, low-cost, low carbon buildings.

Earthbuilt Technology Pty Ltd is a ‘for the public good’ B-Corp that invents technology for the good of humanity and Planet Earth.

What will
Earthbuilt® do

Cut greenhouse Gas

Each Earthbuilt® means serious climate impact. Old-fashioned alternatives to Earthbuilt® are responsible for more than 4% of the world’s carbon gas emissions. But Earthbuilt™ aims to replace these and save billions of tons of CO2. Each Earthbuilt® machine will displace about 60 tons of CO2/year, reuse about 180 tons of landfill and save the costs of the purchase and laying costs of about 200,000 bricks (5 medium-sized homes).

Save the glaciers and polar ice

30,050 Billion clay bricks are fired each year, most in primitive brick factories that produce in excess of 92% of the world’s black carbon. Carbon particulates are heat-absorbent and conductive, so they heat the atmosphere and settle wherever the wind blows, causing ice melt of the world’s remaining glaciers, contributing directly to disasters such as the 2022 floods in Pakistan. In contrast, Earthbuilt® produces no carbon particulates.

House all of humanity

By 2025, 1.6 billion people are expected to be affected by a global housing shortage. Earthbuilt® will significantly lower the price of residential housing, making it more affordable for the world’s poor.

Earthbuilt® - The Construction
Technology for Our Times.

Earthbuilt® is fireproof and always ready.

SuppEarthbuilt® is fireproof and is rated for Australia’s highest specification for fire zone construction. But it’s not just for building safe houses. The technology can be used to create kilometres of vertical firebreaks to prevent the spread of fire in the first place. ort your header with

Earthbuilt is earthquake proof.

Earthbuilt® is far more ductile than brick or concrete. When shaken Earthbuilt® becomes a non-Newtonian fluid, that self-heals rather than cracks. Similar structures have been tested for more than 2 decades on one of California’s worst fault lines and have been found to be ideal for earthquake resistance.

Roll out Earthbuilt® as waters rise

Earthbuilt® is cheap and fast enough to roll out as riverbanks and levies are threatening to breach. The technology can also be specified to biodegrade so it leaves no non-organic footprint. It can contain seed, to grow and hold a river’s edges as the organic Earthbuilt® turns to soil.a short one liner.

the Future

Imagine a home that’s like any others in the street – but unlike all the rest, it is the only one to survive a wildfire, an earthquake and a flood without serious damage. The home is also built with revolutionary technology that’s almost 0-Carbon, and… It cost only a fraction of any of the alternatives. We’re talking Earthbuilt®.


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